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Between about 8-20 weeks of age, all puppies have a particularly sensitive period and it is essential to their development and future behavior that they are introduced to as many new experiences as possible during that time so that they are not wary of them in later life. 


After 20 weeks of age puppies become more cautious if not socialised fully, which can cause longer term anxiety, fear or behavioral issues with the potential to ultimately lead to possible aggression when they are faced with an unfamiliar situation.   Once these behavioral issues have emerged it is very difficult, if not impossible in some cases, for owners to cope with.  Studies have shown that puppies that are well socialised whilst young are more adaptable and accepting of things away from the “norm” and take these encounters more in their stride. 


It is a very good idea to socialise your puppy as much as possible whilst it is still receptive to new experiences.  This can be in the form of meeting people, children, dogs/other animals and well as different environments and situations they may encounter as they grow up.   


A well socialised puppy is also able to adapt easier and focus more should you decide to progress on to further training.


Not all puppy owners are able to expose their puppy to a variety of people, animals or locations during this limited period which is why we run three different group Puppy Classes on Saturday mornings:-


Puppy Club (for puppies up to 16 weeks/4 months) is quite informal and based around socialising your puppy to new environments, people and other dogs whilst building handler skills and play engagement.  Puppies are only required to have had their first vaccinations to attend.


Puppy Class (for puppies of about 4-6 months) is the start of more formal structured training.  It still involves social skills but with more dog control and interaction manners and has more emphasis on basic obedience skills including  lead work, recall, positioning and bite control (to name a few).


Puppy Plus (for dogs and puppies over 6 months) is formal training focusing more heavily on obedience, focus, handler and lead skills including working with distraction.  Puppy Plus is a set 6 weeks course held every 2 months. 


There is no maximum age for puppies attending Puppy Classes but we will advise you when we feel that your puppy should progress on to more advanced obedience training.  


Please contact us if you wish to discuss your puppy attending Puppy Club, Puppy Class, Puppy Plus or our Day Care Centre.


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