Rescue Dog Rehabilitation Training

Whilst adopting a dog from a rescue centre or an animal shelter is a great way to give a dog a home, many new owners are unprepared for the challenges that they may face when doing so.


A lot of the dogs found in rescue centres have come from broken homes, had a poor start in life or in some cases, been born and raised in kennels. This means that in the vast majority of cases, the dog has not had the critical socialisation period that it requires as a puppy or young adult which invariably leads to unforeseen problems for the dog and its new owners.


Rescue or shelter dogs are invariably very shy and take considerable time to bond with their new family. Some, even as adults, are not house trained, others suffer from separation anxiety, some are reactive to other dogs / people / situations, whilst some don't even know how to play or interact with their new family. Of course, these things and more can be frustrating for the new owners and more often than not, results in the dog being returned to the shelter once again.


Here at Pupz 'n' Pawz, we offer a specific training class for the new owners of rescue dogs as we feel that these dogs need more than just the basic obedience training that most training schools offer. Having owned (and currently do own) rescue dogs ourselves, we are in a unique position to offer advice and training techniques based on personal experience rather than from a text book.


Training and advice is tailored to your dog’s specific needs with an emphasis on building the dogs bond with its new family through fun and interactive exercises. Some basic skills such as leash work and general obedience can be covered as they are great way to build trust between the dog and its owners, but we believe the key to reconditioning a rescue dog is through patience and gentle handling skills when placing the dog in new environments and situations.


Rescue rehabilitation classes are run by request, or alternatively we can offer training for specific issues on a 1-2-1 or board & train basis.


So before you give up on your rescue pup, give us a call to see if we can help you at all.

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