Obedience Training

Here at Pupz ’n’ Pawz we believe that training and socialisation are as important into adulthood as they are during puppyhood to further reinforce the bond between you and your dog and to ensure that you have a confident and adaptable family pet.


Following on from our Puppy Parties and Puppy Club, we offer additional training for you and your dog as they transition from puppyhood through to adulthood.


To do this, we offer three levels of obedience training which allow you take both your training skills and your dog’s skills as far as you want to. Bronze (basic obedience and manners), Silver (advanced obedience including some off lead skills) and Gold (advanced off lead skills and tricks).  Full details of the skills covered are available on our downloads page.


Classes are held on weekday evenings from 18:30 and are purposely kept small with a maximum of four to five dogs (depending on size) at any time.  This  ensures that you and your dog get the best training experience possible and are booked in four week blocks, allowing you to progress as far as you wish with no pressure to even complete a certain level if you feel that you have achieved what you set out to do.


All training is reward based, so we ask that you bring along a small amount of your dog’s favourite food to act as a reward initially. Once the dog has mastered the particular skill, we then phase the food reward out gradually and make the exercises progressively more difficult before a reward is given. The ultimate aim is to have the dog performing the desired behaviour whilst removing the need for a food reward completely.


Dog Socialisation Class

In a perfect world, all dogs would have had the opportunity during the first few months of their lives to be introduced as many new people, other dogs, animals, and situations as possible to ensure that they are fully socialised and accepting of new things.


Sadly though, for one reason or another, this is not always the case. Once the puppy passes the five month old mark it stops being quite so accepting of new things and can find new and unexpected people, dogs and situations both frightening and confusing which can then manifest as behavioural problems which unfortunately only get worse as the dog gets older.


Some of these problems show only mild symptoms such as nervousness or excessive barking as an example and for dogs like this we offer a Dog Socialisation class that is designed to bring owners and dogs together in a safe and controlled environment whilst carrying out set exercises that allow the dogs to interact at their own pace with other people and other dogs.   We also have a veterinary approved CD that can be used as background noise should we have noise reactive dogs in the class to help with desensitisation. 


Dog Socialisation Class is run every other Saturday afternoon.  There are a maximum number of six dogs at any one time with two instructors on hand to ensure that both the dog and owner are comfortable at all times and receive the best attention possible.


This class is also ideal for owners of new dogs who want their dog to meet with others for the first time in a controlled and safe setting.


1-2-1 Training

Of course, not all dogs would be suitable for the Dog Socialisation Class or indeed the owner might feel that one to one training would be a preferred option. We are happy to provide one to one training, either at our location or at a location of your choice (Home, local park etc)


One to one training would require an initial assessment for behavioural issues with the aim of putting together a training plan to address the issues concerned.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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